• Finding bargains in red wines

    A question often asked is why red wine is so much more expensive than white wine.The reasons are many: Red wine grapes cost more. Last year, a ton of red wine grapes in Washington cost $1,157 a...

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  • White wine grapes showed well in the third annual Great Northwest Wine Competition.
    Idaho Wine Industry’s stock continues to rise

    The fist grapes were planted 153 years ago. But today, the Gem state’s wine industry is coming into its own. More than 50 wines dot the state from the top of the panhandle to the Nevada border....

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  • Charles Smith is one of the largest wine producers in Washington state.
    8 Northwest wines make Wine Spectator’s Top 100

    Eight percent of the best wines in the world – according to Wine Spectator magazine – came from the Pacific Northwest in 2017. The magazine unveiled its annual Top 100 list Monday morning, and eight Northwest wines...

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  • Pinot Gris rules Oregon’s white wine landscape

    For the past 15 years, Pinot Gris has been Oregon’s go-to white wine grape. With more than 15,000 tons harvested in 2015, Pinot Gris is even more dominant. Pinot Gris, which experts believe is a mutation of...

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  • Chardonnay plays an important role in Washington

    Chardonnay has been at or near the top of the heap in Washington wine country for the better part of 30 years. But how did it get to that position? The ubiquitous white wine grape’s origins in...

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  • Ancient Lakes important for Washington white wines

    Since 2012, the Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley has been a federally designated American Viticultural Area – the 13th in Washington. Entirely within the vast, arid Columbia Valley, the Ancient Lakes is around the Columbia Basin towns...

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  • Red Rhone blends a delicious Northwest trend

    Among the most exciting developments in the Pacific Northwest wine country in recent years is the emergence of red Rhône blends, commonly called GSMs because of the three primary grapes in the blend: Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre. Dozens of examples of...

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  • Otis Harlan of Otis Vineyard in the Yakima Valley.
    Yakima Valley thrives as historical heart of Washington wine

    The Yakima Valley is where the Washington wine industry got its start, as we like to say, “the cradle of the industry.” There’s a ton of history in this valley, including: Walter Clore, “the father of Washington...

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  • A dozen great Northwest wines

    What makes a great Northwest wine? When we evaluate wines, we taste them under blind conditions, meaning we know neither the producer nor the price until the evaluation is complete. We think this is the fairest way...

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  • red mountain
    Red Mountain wine continues rise in prominence

    Red Mountain, a little hill on the eastern edge of Washington’s Yakima Valley has fast become the premiere location for growing red wine grapes in Washington (sorry Walla Walla). At just 4,040 acres, it is Washington’s smallest...

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